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About Us

Valerie Patrick – Owner and director of Fitness & Dance of CNY.  She is a certified 3rd Generation Pilates Instructor, a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and is listed among the Yoga Alliance Teacher's Directory

Corporate Fitness

Valerie Patrick is the owner and director of Fitness & Dance of CNY.  She has an extensive fitness and dance background and over 25 years of teaching, performing and choreography experience.  Valerie has been dancing since the age of 4 and has years of experience in body mechanics, alignment and technique.

Valerie is a 3rd generation instructor through Balanced Body University and Power Pilates and is one of the only instructors in the area to achieve her Full Comprehensive Certification in Pilates.  Valerie is also a certified 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and a member of Yoga Alliance.  She is also trained in Yoga Seniors, Kids and Prenatal.   Valerie has worked with master trainers such as Brooke Siler, Mari Windsor, Alycea Ungaro, Seane Corn, Baron Baptiste and Doug Swenson. 

Valerie has been an instructor at Syracuse University where she trained the women's crew team in Pilates and Yoga. She holds corporate classes at Crouse Hospital, the Syracuse Post Standard, Hutchings and with Onondaga County employees. She was the past director of dance at the CNY Gymnastics Center and the National School of Gymnastics.  Valerie has also trained the Cirque du Soleil Alegria National Touring Performers.

Some of her choreography credits include Chicago, Fiddler on the Roof, Jesus Christ Superstar and Bye, Bye Birdie. In addition to choreographing several local stage productions, Valerie has also played numerous roles in many musical theater productions, including Chorus Line, Chicago, Cabaret, Anything Goes and The King and  I.  Valerie is also a contributing fitness writer for Syracuse Women’s Magazine.

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Rachel Belair

Rachel has twenty years of dance experience which has expanded into the realm of fitness. Rachel studied ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and hip-hop while growing up and studied modern dance at LeMoyne College. After college, Rachel found Zumba as a way to continue dancing and became a certified instructor in 2010, wth a few months of her first class. She has taught at numerous facilities but has found a new studio to call home at Fitness & Dance of CNY. Rachel is very appreciative of Valerie for allowing her the oportunity to return to her dance roots and teach Hip-Hop Cardio Dance classes. Rachel loves helping others acheive their fitness goals while having fun. She is continuing her fitness education by studying to become a Pilates instructor through the Balanced Body program. Rachel would like to invite you to take part in one of her classes - have fun, work out & dance!


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Kristin Weigl – Registered Yoga Instructor

I received both trainings at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. I began practicing yoga years ago as a skeptic with the intention of just getting in shape but what I acquired from my first class was much more. I discovered that yoga was an invitation to try something, see what happens and accept whatever occurs. With the calm and compassionate mind I gained for myself and others I knew this would now be a part of me.

Keeping in mind that yoga is practice, I strive to take it with me once off the mat. I hope to remain in awe of the world around me taking in my experiences and sharing what I've learned. As a teacher I cannot tell you what you will experience, your experience is your own. I am simply a guide.

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Tracey Gregory – Certified Pilates Instructor

Through Pilates I’ve discovered an entirely new way to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle; a way that makes it easy to look and feel your best. I am truly amazed at what Pilates has done for me! Through my 4+ years of practice, I have relieved years of lower back pain due to 12 years as a gymnast, and I have gotten leaner, stronger, and more toned all over.

Beginning in March of 2012, I decided I wanted to share the principles, joy and restorative power that Pilates has brought to me, with others. Through Balanced Body University, I have taken the Mat Pilates Instructor Training.  I’ve come across 2 big misconceptions about Pilates. 1. You have to be flexible, and 2. The workout isn’t effective because you may not be dripping with sweat. In my opinion, both are untrue – I will work with your flexibility level which naturally improves as you learn the exercises and become stronger, and I do my best to ensure that each student will break a sweat! I want to make this is as challenging as possible for your fitness level, so that you will see improvement and results.

Anyone can benefit from Pilates; those seeking positive changes in self-image, those looking to increase athletic performance, and even those just looking to ease the ability of performing everyday tasks. Like anything, change takes time, but if you are dedicated to regular Pilates sessions, positive changes in your life are inevitable! I look forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you. Change starts today!

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Melissa Traino – Certified Pilates Instructor

After being a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist for 4+ years I have seen all sorts of injuries and chronic pain problems. I have always recommended my clients to have a healthy lifestyle outside of coming to me for their Massage Therapy treatments in order for them to fully benefit from their sessions. Part of a healthy lifestyle is to not only eat healthy but to exercise creating a strong core for support and a positive mind body connection to help prevent injury in the first place and elevate the pain of any existing conditions they may have.

A few years ago I started taking Pilates classes from Valerie Patrick and fell in love with all of the benefits Pilates has to offer. Not only do I just generally feel better with regular practice but I've gained flexibility along with toned, long, lean muscle. Wanting to share what Pilates has done for me not only with my existing Massage Therapy clientele but everyone I meet I decided to complete my Pilates Mat Instructor Training thru Balanced Body University. Now, I am able to come full circle and not only provide Massage Therapy to clients in order for them to feel better and help with life's aches and pains but I am able to teach/instruct everyone interested in exercises that will aid in preventing injuries in the first place by building a strong core to help support the body and move it with grace and flow thru life's day to day activities.

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Rachael Dydyk – Registered Yoga Instructor

Rachael Dydyk, has worked in the medical field for over nineteen years and is a registered 200 hr yoga instructor with The Yoga Alliance. Rachael, initially fell in love with yoga through cross training for marathons. Wanting to deepen her understanding of the practice and share her mind body awareness with others, she completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training program at the Lotus Life Yoga Center in Dewitt, NY.

Rachaelís classes will incorporate all the fundamentals of traditional yoga by combining deep breathing, physical practice and meditation, as well as help find a peaceful balance for life experiences.

Drawing upon both her medical and yoga expertise, Rachael also provides yoga training to individuals experiencing a wide range of physical and medical challenges associated with mobility and stress related problems.