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Valerie Patrick, owner - Valerie’s passion for Pilates and Yoga began when a congenital back condition slowed down her dance and teaching career.  Seeing the benefits it brought to her health she completed her comprehensive and classical Pilates certification through Power Pilates and Balanced Body University while also pursuing her 200 hour yoga training.  Valerie is a continuing education provider and member of Yoga Alliance.  Her focus is on alignment, balance and symmetry.  She specifically works with clients who come to Pilates and Yoga for rehabilitation purposes. 

Valerie has a warm, safe approach and her teaching style allows students to be at ease from a beginner to advanced level.  Valerie has taught at Syracuse University, Crouse Hospital and various other companies in the area. Along with extensive experience working with dancers, gymnasts and athletes Valerie was most honored to work with the Cirque du Soleil Alegria National Touring Performers and the Cirque OVO tour.  She hopes that you can experience all the benefits that Pilates and Yoga have to offer. 

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Tracey Gregory – Certified Pilates Instructor

Through Pilates I’ve discovered an entirely new way to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle; a way that makes it easy to look and feel your best. I am truly amazed at what Pilates has done for me! Through my 4+ years of practice, I have relieved years of lower back pain due to 12 years as a gymnast, and I have gotten leaner, stronger, and more toned all over.

Beginning in March of 2012, I decided I wanted to share the principles, joy and restorative power that Pilates has brought to me, with others. Through Balanced Body University, I have taken the Mat Pilates Instructor Training.  I’ve come across 2 big misconceptions about Pilates. 1. You have to be flexible, and 2. The workout isn’t effective because you may not be dripping with sweat. In my opinion, both are untrue – I will work with your flexibility level which naturally improves as you learn the exercises and become stronger, and I do my best to ensure that each student will break a sweat! I want to make this is as challenging as possible for your fitness level, so that you will see improvement and results.

Anyone can benefit from Pilates; those seeking positive changes in self-image, those looking to increase athletic performance, and even those just looking to ease the ability of performing everyday tasks. Like anything, change takes time, but if you are dedicated to regular Pilates sessions, positive changes in your life are inevitable! I look forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you. Change starts today!

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Kristin Weigl – Registered Yoga Instructor

I received both trainings at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. I began practicing yoga years ago as a skeptic with the intention of just getting in shape but what I acquired from my first class was much more. I discovered that yoga was an invitation to try something, see what happens and accept whatever occurs. With the calm and compassionate mind I gained for myself and others I knew this would now be a part of me.

Keeping in mind that yoga is practice, I strive to take it with me once off the mat. I hope to remain in awe of the world around me taking in my experiences and sharing what I've learned. As a teacher I cannot tell you what you will experience, your experience is your own. I am simply a guide.

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Rachel Pierce - Certified Pilates Instructor

Rachel has a passion for the uniqueness of the human body stemming from over 20 years of taking and teaching dance lessons. She became aware that each person's body is different and not everyone is built to perform each task the same. This realization has become even more evident with immersion into the Pilates practice and instruction. You do not have to be flexible and strong to practice Pilates; you just have to have the will to improve your own physical and mental well-being at an individual pace.

Rachel was first introduced to Pilates in college and enjoyed feeling re-energized after each practice. After finding Valerie and Core Pilates & Yoga as a Zumba Instructor, Rachel was re-introduced to Pilates and fell in love with the practice all over again.  Rachel trained through Balanced Body University to instruct Pilates Barre and Mat classes, and has continued her training and certification with Peak Pilates. Join Rachel for a Pilates class and enjoy the fun atmosphere she creates!

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Dr. Scott Treatment – Pilates Instructor

Core Pilates & Yoga is pleased to introduce Scott Treatman as a new instructor.
Dr. Scott Treatman is Director of Employee Health at Crouse Hospital and is a specialist in Occupational Medicine. Has been a student of Val’s for many years. He has embarked on Balanced Body Pilates training program and has been teaching “Hard Core Pilates” and Sculpt & Tone Pilates at Crouse for over a year. Scott blends his Pilates teaching with mindful awareness of posture, movement, and core engagement. He is also a certified physician acupuncturist and teaches mindfulness-based stress reduction programs and may offer that training at Core Pilates & Yoga this coming Spring.  Please join him on this path.

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Emma Gonzalez – Registered Yoga Instructor

Emma Gonzalez received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Dancing Mind Studio located in Falls Church, VA, in February 2014. Emma began her yoga journey in the summer of 2013, where she instantaneously felt a deep passion and drive to seek more of what yoga had to offer.

Shortly after completing her teacher training, she moved to Syracuse, NY from Maryland. In her classes, Emma incorporates joy, ease, and self inquiry. Her source of reward is being able to help her students feel the physicaland spiritual benefits of yoga while finding their edge, no matter where that may be. Emma invites you to open up your heart, and to lay it all out on the mat.

'In order to be truthful, you must embrace your total being.' - Rumi

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Allison Woznica – Registered Yoga Instructor

Allison has been practicing yoga since 2009 when a friend introduced her to yoga therapy. She loved feeling the healing power of her own body and wisdom, so she decided to learn more about the mind-body practice by attending regular Hatha and Kripalu based yoga classes.

The beauty of meditation-in-motion and tuning in to what the body is saying has helped Allison overcome many of life's common stressors, including anxiety and an eating disorder.
She is grateful to have completed her 200hr YTT at Kripalu School of Yoga & Ayurveda in the beautiful Berkshires Mountains of Western Massachusetts. She is now a member of the KYTA and RYT through the Yoga Alliance.

Allison's motto for yoga is: No flexibility, no problem. The only flexibility required is your mind. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and learn to love yourself again from the inside out. Namasté.

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Erin McDonald – Pilates Instructor

A native of Long Island, Erin, along with her husband Doug and two dogs, made Liverpool their home. Erin has owned her own business since 2006 and during that time, was introduced to Pilates.

Erin has been practicing Pilates since 2009 with Valerie Patrick.  Tired of the gym scene, she was looking for something different and challenging.  Becoming inspired and seeing how Pilates had helped her to destress from everyday life, Erin decided to become an instructor and began her studies in 2010.   She looks forward to helping others get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday demands with a great overall workout. In addition to running her own business, Erin now teaches part time for Core Pilates and Yoga.

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DJ Hellerman – Certified Pilates Instructor

DJ is a Balanced Body trained Pilates Instructor. After running Cross Country in college, he began incorporating Pilates exercises into his training as a way to prepare for long distance events. Since 2003, DJ has been an American Council on Exercise certified Personal Trainer and teaches cycling and bootcamp-style classes. He started teaching Pilates in 2011.

Truthfully, endurance training is an amazing excuse for him to listen to as much music as possible. 

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Ashley Denno – Certified Yoga Instructor

Ashley is a Syracuse native with a degree in Human Services. She first found yoga in 2008 and has deepened her practice over the years, both spiritually and physically. After deciding to unite her passion for yoga with her passion of helping others, she received her 200 hour teacher training in April 2016 at Lotus Life Yoga Center in Dewitt, NY.

Ashley is enthusiastic in her passion for serving others and helping them discover their unique potential. This translates into her teaching style, with classes designed to help her students recognize not only their physical and mental capabilities on the mat, but the ways that they can carry that strength and balance off the mat and into all areas of their life.